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When boyfie gets what you want instead of you …

When boyfie gets what you want instead of you #yeolri #혜리 #류준열

Ryu Jun Yeol, The Green Influencer.

Ryu Jun Yeol, The Green Influencer.

Our Actor and Oppa Ryu Jun Yeol posed as the cover and featured model of Allure Magazine Korea’s April 2018 Issue. He’s being called the ‘Green Influencer’ as his activities as a Greenpeace supporter were received positively. His dedication towards the micro-plastic issue eradication also received a spotlight as he went on-board the Marine Environmental Surveillance Ship from Taipei, Taiwan to receive training and education on plastic waste impacts on the seas and oceans.

Today is a memorable day as it marks the 3rd y…

Today is a memorable day as it marks the 3rd year of @ryusdb oppa’s debut! Happy debut anniversary 😄. It’s quite a shock that time has gone by sooo fast! It feels like yesterday when I personally felt mesmerized by his portrayal of Junghwan in Reply 1988, which eventually made me fall in love with his charm till this day. Over the years, Junyeol oppa has shown us many sides of his acting spectrum – from his debut work as BJ Yanggae in Socialphobia, to the latest one as Jaeha in Little Forest. He’s shown us an incredible track record and left strong impressions with every distinct character he had portrayed in both movies and dramas. I can only feel so proud as a fan to have a person I look up to being loved and cherished as an actor by the korean entertainment industry and viewers in general. Some might say Ryu Junyeol does not have the typical handsome look for an actor, but I believe most can agree that he has that handsomeness and charm in his acting (and let’s not forget how upright he is as a man, we cant miss this fact). In the future, I hope oppa will continue to wow us with his versatility in acting, and always be well-loved by everyone around him. AND LET’S NOT FORGET HIS PROMISE TO RETURN TO DRAMALAND! 🤣. Big screen is indeed his forte, but you can’t deny viewers’ thirst to see him on the small screen every week! Be healthy and happy, always. Good luck

Love ❤ #류준열 #RyuJunYeol

Ryu Junyeol today at Little Forest’s sta…

Ryu Junyeol today at Little Forest’s stage greeting. Haaaaaaa, how cute and fine he looks todayy 😍😍😍 on the last picture, a special audience came to the movie screening, and he is none other than Junyeol’s ex-student when he was still acting in musicals! As we all know, Junyeol used to teach students at a primary school and guess what? This one ex-student of his who’s now in high school attended Junyeol’s movie screening! He still calls Junyeol as “junyeol ssaem” (ssaem = teacher) and said that even though Junyeol is a popular actor and celebrity, he will always be his “ssaem” HOW CUTE RIGHT 😭 I know! Just by seeing this, it tells how nice Junyeol was as a teacher and if you scroll down the #류준열 tag you will find footages of Junyeol actually remembering the student – even his name! He even hugged him and said it’s really nice to see him (the student also sent him a letter beforehand btw and junyeol said he received it). I LOVE THE FACT THAT OUR OPPA IS SUCH A NICE PERSON

Credit to photos
Pic 1: instagram ryoobbang
Pic 2-3: instagram vitamin_d_d
Pic 4: instagram cha_kyoung_hwan

Hahaha #류준열 oppa is so funny 😂 he said &lsquo…

Hahaha #류준열 oppa is so funny 😂 he said ‘let’s do this one more time’ but the MC who led the show said ‘this is a live broadcast’ LOL so they went behind the partition and came out as if nothing happened and stood behind the podium

That’s when Nam Jihyun said ‘let’s do it again as if nothing happened’ lmao

I guess the setting is a little different because the award shows that he attended in the past mostly didnt require a podium for award announcement

Cutie pie, he dodged the awkward mistake and made it into a funny joke yeokshi!

Unfortunately there’s no reaction from Hyeri when he made a mistake ㅠㅠ but the screencap in my previous post is her reaction when junyeol announced the winner

#류준열 #남지현 #mbc연기대상

[INFO] Ryu Junyeol just got awarded by South Korea’s…


Ryu Junyeol just got awarded by South Korea’s Ministry of Health for his contribution towards suicide prevention. Way to go ???

Junyeol oppa came to the award ceremony looking chic – wearing a dark suite, paired with striped shirt and black dress shoes. Not to mention – his new hairstyle and colour!!! So handsome and manly ???

#류준열 #류준열패션

[INFO] Ryu Junyeol was awarded by South Korea’s Ministry…


Ryu Junyeol was awarded by South Korea’s Ministry of Health for his contribution towards Suicide Prevention. Way to go ???

He attended the award ceremony looking chic with dark suits, striped shirt aaaaand his new hair colour and style! How handsome and manly ?

#류준열 류준열패션

[INFO] #ATaxiDriver #택시운전사 has been picked as South…


#ATaxiDriver #택시운전사 has been picked as South Korea’s official submission to the 2018 Oscar (90th Academy Awards) for The Best Foreign Film Category

However, do take note that the film has yet to be on the list of the official nominees, as the panel of judges need to objectively review all the submissions from so many countries first

Let us hope and cheer that A Taxi Driver can make it to the cut and be a part of the nominees. Fighting!

#류준열 #송강호 #ThomasKretchmann