Ryu Junyeol today at Little Forest’s sta…

Ryu Junyeol today at Little Forest’s stage greeting. Haaaaaaa, how cute and fine he looks todayy 😍😍😍 on the last picture, a special audience came to the movie screening, and he is none other than Junyeol’s ex-student when he was still acting in musicals! As we all know, Junyeol used to teach students at a primary school and guess what? This one ex-student of his who’s now in high school attended Junyeol’s movie screening! He still calls Junyeol as “junyeol ssaem” (ssaem = teacher) and said that even though Junyeol is a popular actor and celebrity, he will always be his “ssaem” HOW CUTE RIGHT 😭 I know! Just by seeing this, it tells how nice Junyeol was as a teacher and if you scroll down the #류준열 tag you will find footages of Junyeol actually remembering the student – even his name! He even hugged him and said it’s really nice to see him (the student also sent him a letter beforehand btw and junyeol said he received it). I LOVE THE FACT THAT OUR OPPA IS SUCH A NICE PERSON

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Pic 1: instagram ryoobbang
Pic 2-3: instagram vitamin_d_d
Pic 4: instagram cha_kyoung_hwan